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How to get to Grindelwald First? | Directions & routes

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Where is Grindelwald First Located?

Address: Grindelwald First, 3818 Grindelwald, Switzerland
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Nearest Landmark: Sesselbahn Oberjoch
Nearest Airport: Belp (BRN) Airport
Nearest International Airport: Zurich (ZRG) Airport

Grindelwald First is perched in the heart of the Swiss Alps, close to the charming town of Grindelwald in the Interlaken region of Switzerland. It's a breathtaking location, boasting unparalleled views of majestic peaks, captivating alpine landscapes, and a myriad of outdoor adventure opportunities.

How to Reach Grindelwald First?

Before you immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Grindelwald First, you'll need to make your way to the charming town of Grindelwald. From there, your adventure to the summit awaits! You can reach the summit by:

  • Taking a cable car up the mountain
  • Hiking

Fastest Way to Travel: The quickest route is to take a scenic train to Grindelwald and then hop on a thrilling 6-seater gondola ride.

Cheapest Way to Travel: For budget-conscious travelers, the most cost-effective option is to use public transportation like trains and buses to reach Grindelwald. From there you may take a hike, if you're physically up to it, or the best bet is to take a gondola for a gorgeous ride up the great Alps.

Getting to Grindelwald First By Public Transportation

By Train
By Bus
By Gondola

To reach Grindelwald First summit, get to Grindelwald village. You can easily access Grindelwald from various international train connections at Interlaken-Ost.
Best for
: Convenient and scenic travel through the Swiss countryside.
Train Lines: Berner Oberland-Bahnen (R61)
Closest Train Station:
Grindelwald Terminal Station, 2.1 km
Timings: The first train leaves from Interlaken-OST at 7:05 AM. The journey to Grindelwald First takes about 30 minutes. The last train departs at 4:35 PM.

Best for: Budget-conscious travelers and those who prefer a scenic road journey.
Bus Lines: 121, 122, 123, 128
Closest Bus Stop: Grindelwald, Firstbahn
Bus Timings: Depending upon the starting point bus timings may vary. Locally speaking, buses run from 6 AM to 6:30 PM.

Embark on the quickest and most effortless journey to Grindelwald First by taking the gondola lift. The gondola ride offers stunning panoramas of the Swiss Alps, allowing you to soak in the natural beauty all around you. It's a short but truly beautiful 25-minute ride.
Gondola Line: 2440
Closest Gondola Station: Firstbahn Gondola Cable Car

  • Monday - Friday: 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Saturday - Sunday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

How to Get to Grindelwald First By Car?

Driving Routes

To get to Grindelwald First by car, follow the road from Interlaken to Wilderswil, and take a left turn at Gündlischwand. Grindelwald is situated at the end of the road, making it easy to find. The drive from Interlaken takes approximately 30 minutes. If you're coming from Lauterbrunnen, the drive to Grindelwald takes about 20 minutes.
Keep in mind that while Grindelwald itself is accessible by car, most of the surrounding area, including Grindelwald First summit, is car-free. Therefore, you can explore these places using trains and cable cars instead.

Parking Facilities

  • Parkplatz Grindelwald Firstbahn: A dedicated parking spaces available near the gondola station operated by Grindelwald Firstbahn.
  • Parkhaus Sportzentrum: This is a public parking garage located near the sports center in Grindelwald, which is a short distance from the gondola station.
  • Parkhaus Eiger+ Nordwand: Another public parking garage situated in the vicinity of Grindelwald Firstbahn gondola station.
  • Parkplatz Firstbahn Talstation: This is a parking lot specifically designated for visitors to the Grindelwald Firstbahn gondola station.

Hiking to the Grindelwald First Mountain

Grindelwald offers a range of scenic hiking trails that lead to the First summit. The hiking routes vary in difficulty, so you can choose a trail that suits your fitness level and preferences.

  • Route from Grindelwald Train Station: The hike starts at Grindelwald train station, where you'll find the main yellow hiking sign pointing towards First. Follow signs towards First and Bort
  • Challenging and Steep Hike: The hike is steep and challenging, with the first 2.4 kilometers on roads. As you progress, the trail becomes a gravel path but remains uphill.
  • Options at 3.7 Kilometers: At 3.7 kilometers, you'll reach a house on the left. Here, you can decide between two paths. The straight/left path is slightly shorter to First, while the right path passes through the Bort cable car middle station.
  • Scenic Trail to Bort: If you take the path through Bort (4.4 kilometers), you'll pass restaurants and have the option to take the cable car up to First or back down to Grindelwald.
  • Challenging Trail from Bort: The trail from Bort to First is steep and challenging, leading to Waldspitz, where you'll find a bus station and a small restaurant.
  • Bachläger and Final Mile: Continue along the gravel road with great views of surrounding peaks. Bachläger features stunning waterfalls, and the trail leads to the final mile before reaching First.
  • First Summit: Upon reaching the top, you'll encounter the First Cliff Walk. You can choose to walk along the suspended bridge and platforms or opt for the hiking path. Take time to savor the breathtaking surroundings at the summit. You'll find a cable car, restaurant, cabins, and a platform with unobstructed views.
  • Return Options: You can take the cable car back down or hike back, choosing to retrace your steps or take a different path to Bort.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Get To Grindelwald First

Where is Grindelwald First located?

Grindelwald First is nestled in the Swiss Alps, near Grindelwald town.

Which region is Grindelwald First in?

Grindelwald First is in the Interlaken region of Switzerland.

How do I get to Grindelwald First?

You can catch a scenic train ride to Grindelwald from Interlaken OST and then hop on a thrilling gondola to reach the summit.

Which is the best way to get to Grindelwald First?

Nothing beats the combo of train and gondola ride that treats you to the most unforgettable journey.

Which is the fastest way to get to Grindelwald First?

To zoom up to the summit, your best bet is to take the train to the Grindelwald Terminal station, followed by a short ride to Grindelwald Firstbahn and then hop on the gondola!

Which is the cheapest way to get to Grindelwald First?

Keep some Swiss francs in your pocket by opting for the budget-friendly public transportation like trains and buses.

Which is the closest bus stop to Grindelwald First?

The closest bus stop is at the gondola valley station, Grindelwald, Firstbahn.

Which is the closest train station to Grindelwald First?

Grindelwald Terminal train station is your go-to spot to kickstart your adventure to Grindelwald First.

Can I park at Grindelwald First?

Absolutely! There are dedicated parking spots near the gondola station, so parking's a breeze.

Is there parking for disabled persons at Grindelwald First?

Yes, they've got you covered! Special parking facilities cater to visitors with disabilities.