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Schynige Platte | A Journey to the Top of Europe 

Schynige Platte is a small mountain ridge in the Bernese Highlands and Switzerland’s one of the most popular tourist destinations. The Schynige Platte railway ride is a major attraction that takes you to picturesque terrains, at an altitude of 7000 ft — a feeling of being at the “top of Europe”. 

Why Visit Schynige Platte?

Schynige Platte Tickets
  • Stunning scenery: it offers some of the most breathtaking views of the three peaks — Gumihorn, Tuba, and Geiss. From Geiss's viewpoint, get a 360-degree view of the natural beauty around you. 
  • Travel back in time: Board the historic cog railway, with wooden benches, and vintage rolling stocks from the 19th century, giving a nostalgic feel of the bygone era. 
  • Hiking trails: Hike through the lush green meadows, and steep ridges, in the midst of beautiful alpine flowers. The Panorama Flower Trail is one such must-do activity in Schynige Platte. 
  • Alpine flora: The botanical garden is not only located in a spectacular location but also houses 650 species of flora in the Alpine region.  
  • Spectacular resorts: Schynige Platte Resorts guarantee a comfortable stay, serene views of the nearby peaks, and some of the exotic restaurants in Switzerland.

What to Do At Schynige Platte?

Schynige Platte Tickets

Enjoy Ride at the Historic Railway

Follow the historic train route from Wilderswil to Schynige Platte aboard the steam locomotive H2/35, from 1894. Admire how the intricate machinery parts work, observe how the coal is fed to the engine, and more! The steam train ride is a slow one, perfect for absorbing the gorgeous scenery around you. 

Schynige Platte Tickets

Drive the Old Steam Locomotive

Not every day, you can be a loco pilot! At Schynige Platte train ride, you can steer the SPB steam loco with the driver’s assistance. You can partake in this unique experience by registering at the Wilderswil railway station. At the end of the “drive”, you even get a certificate, an antique Schynige Platte Railway map, and souvenirs.

Schynige Platte Tickets

Embark on a Panoramic Hike

Explore the panoramic trails from Bergrestaurant to Loucherhorn, an easy hike. Enjoy the stunning views of Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau on your way, and explore the huts at Oberberg Village. If you’re a pro hiker, you can embark on the Schynige Platte to Grindelwald First, a 16 km trail offering the experience of a lifetime. 

Schynige Platte Tickets

Follow the Swiss Flower Panorama Trail

Explore the scenic flower trail at Schynige Platte, home to Alp’s richest flora. Enjoy the rich variety of Alpine flora, as the path leads you to picturesque meadows and pastures. Take Instagram-worthy photos at Lily’s Playground and listen to the chimes of bells from the nearby castles, transporting you to a dream-like state!  

Schynige Platte Tickets

Visit the Alpine Botanical Garden

A hidden gem, the alpine botanical garden houses 750 different species of plants, some of which are endangered too. Get close to the rare Edelweiss, which was facing extinction but is now blooming in its natural habitat. Take time to go through the information boards as you explore the garden, a haven for botanists. 

Schynige Platte Tickets

Watch the Traditional Alphorn Players

At the end of the Panorama Trail, you’ll find the Alphorn players. Watch them churning out melodies from this 3.9 meter-long horn in awe. Discover this unique insight into traditional Swiss culture. Don’t miss out on the impressive Alphorn players’ performance from 11 AM to 2 PM, every day. 

Schynige Platte Tickets

Enjoy Food With a View

Enjoy delicious meals with jaw-dropping views from Schynige Platte restaurants. The first one is a small cafe, and the second is a self-service restaurant with a buffet menu. Regardless of which one you go for, you are guaranteed incredible scenery of the surrounding landscape and snow-capped peaks of the Jungfrau, Mönch, and Eiger mountains. 

Schynige Platte Tickets

Experience Swiss Hospitality in a Traditional Swiss Hotel

Stay for a night at a traditional Swiss hotel, known for its impeccable hospitality. Book a room at the Berghotel, all rooms come with idyllic mountain views. Get an unforgettable, and authentic Swiss experience. You can also, get on small hiking trails from here to nearby “postcard” villages during your stay. 

Plan Your Visit to Schynige Platte

Getting There
Schynige Platte Tickets
  •  Schynige Platte Railway operates from May to the end of October
  • The first train from Wilderswil leaves at 7:25 AM, and the last train back down leaves just before 6 PM

Best Time to Visit: Between the end of May and the end of October, when the weather is favorable, and Schynige Platte Railway also operates. If you prefer hiking, avoid July-August (peak season).  

Schynige Platte Tickets

Address: 3815 Gsteigwiler, Switzerland 

Find on Map 

How to Reach? 

  • By Train: Board a train from Interlaken OST Station and reach Wilderswil. From there, board a Cog Wheel Train and reach Schynige Platte. 
  • By Bus: Avail a Line 105 bus from Interlaken to Wilderswil. Then, take the Cog Wheel Train to reach the destination. 
  • By Car or Taxi: Board a taxi from Interlaken Airport to Schynige Platte, the fastest way to reach. 
  • By Funicular: Avail a Line 68 funicular from Wilderswill to reach Schynige Platte. 
Schynige Platte Tickets
  • Wheelchair facilities are available in selected places only 
  • Restaurant Schynige Platte is accessible by elevators 
  • Doctors on-board the Cog Wheel Railway 
  • Hiking gear available on rent  
Schynige Platte Tickets
  • If you're visiting for the panorama flower trail, historic railway, and hiking, visit between May to October.
  • If you are looking for snow and winter sports, visit between December to January.
  • Carry sufficient warm clothes as temperatures can drop considerably even in summers 
  • Carry specific trek gear if you're looking for hiking trails
  • Pack your photography gear, there's something to snap at every corner  
  • Keep sufficient cash with you as Switzerland is expensive
  • Do good research about cogwheel trains to reach Schynige Platte and get back with sufficient time in hand
Schynige Platte Tickets

Restaurants inside the Schynige Platte:

  • Restaurant Schynige Platte: Located on a mountaintop, enjoy great food and an enchanting view from the rooftop dining place. 
  • Breitlauenen Bistro: A small bakery offering homemade cakes, pastries, and Swiss cheese platters. 

Restaurants outside the Schynige Platte:

  • Restaurant Baren: Perfect family restaurant offering quality Swiss cuisines, known for its timely and quality service, 5.5 km away 
  • Balmers Biergarten: Popular for Grilled Chicken Burgers and country beer, 4.5 km away 
  • Taste of India Restaurant: Get a taste of authentic Indian veg and non-veg cuisine, paired with gentle and warm hospitality, 5.5 km away 
Schynige Platte Tickets

Hotel inside Schynige Platte: 

  • Berghotel Schynige Platte: Get stunning views of the Bernese Alps and Lake Thun, from this 1899 hotel. 

Hotels near Schynige Platte: 

  • Edelweiss Lodge: Cozy, budget B&B lodge, with vintage furniture and terrific views, 3.59 km away 
  • Historic Hotel Steinbock: Falls under Grindelwald hiking trail, this hotel is popular among hikers and the young crowd, 3.45 km away  
  • Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa: A perfect place to stay if you prefer isolation from the hustle and bustle, 3.54 km away 
  • Alpenrose Hotel: Located in the heart of all tourist sites and only a short drive from Interlaken, 4.6 km away 
Schynige Platte Tickets
  • Rugen Forest: Located in Interlaken, known for its toboggan rides through the forest. 
  • Trümmelbach Falls: Located near the Lauterbrunnen Valley, visit the world's only glacier lake. 
  • Mount Titlis: Board the world’s first revolving cable car, and enjoy breathtaking views of the glacier park and the glacier cave. 
  • Lake Thun and Brienz: Visit the greenish-blue waters of the twin lakes. 
  • St. Beatus Cave: It was the home to St. Beatus, this cave also has an underground waterfall.

Frequently Asked Questions About Schynige Platte Tickets

How much is a ticket to Schynige Platte?

The Schynige Platte tickets will cost you CHF 71.20.  This includes round-trip train transfers to Schynige Platte from Interlaken or Wilderswil Station. 

How to book tickets to Schynige Platte?

You can purchase Schynige Platte tickets online or from the Interlaken OST or Wilderswil Station. However, buying tickets online can save you from long queues at the venue. 

Why should I book Schynige Platte tickets online?

Booking Schynige Platte tickets online offers benefits like avoiding queues at the stations, especially during peak seasons, and the option to buy tickets at your convenient time. 

What do Schynige Platte tickets include?

Schynige Platte tickets will take you to the Schynige plateau, considered the highest point in Europe. You can also get onboard a cogwheel train and absorb the picturesque mountains and scenic beauty of the place. 

What is the cancelation policy for Schynige Platte tickets?

Schynige Platte tickets can be canceled up to 24 hours before the time of the visit and get a full refund.

How do I access the Schynige Platte attractions?

You can take the historic cogwheel train from Interlaken or Wilderswil and visit the attractions of Schynige Platte along the way. There are also numerous hiking trails. Embark on any of such trails and explore top attractions on foot. 

What are the must-visit attractions in Schynige Platte?

Some of the must-visit attractions are Historic Railway, Panorama Flower Trail, and Alpine Botanical Garden if you’re in Schynige Platte. 

Do Schynige Platte tickets allow entry into the Alpine Botanical Garden?

Yes, Schynige Platte tickets allow free entry into the Alpine Botanical Garden. Don’t miss out! 

Is Schynige Platte worth visiting?

Absolutely, Schynige Platte offers some of the best travel experiences for every visitor. Regardless of whether you are an adventure seeker or simply looking for a quiet vacation, Schynige Platte has something for everyone.

What is the best time to visit Schynige Platte?

If you’re looking for charming weather, getting onboard the historic steam railway, and exploring the flowery meadows, May to October is the best time to visit. Consider the shoulder months if you’re looking to hike. If you’re into winter sports, December to February is a good time.